Psycho-spiritual Mentoring & Books to Transform the challenges of Developmental Trauma and Disconnection to more Joy, Aliveness & Purpose

Joy Freeman’s Mentoring or TLC Transformational Life Counseling can open doors to move you beyond the pain and limitations of childhood traumas and experience of Disconnection. Even what seems to be a “normal” childhood in our modern times is very often filled with emotional pain, feelings of abandonment, misattunement and shaming by even well intentioned parents.  This is now understood as Developmental Trauma and can cause all manner of physical and emotional issues later in life.

With Dr. Joys unique and powerful work, both her writings and her one on one sessions, you can ultimately become free of this early programing, while at the same time begin to experience true feelings of connection. Hence the name of this site  Free and Connected.


Aren’t Freedom and Connection Mutually Exclusive?

No! The Ultimate Goal with this work is Freedom and Connection!

Freedom from what hooks us in emotionally; freedom from feeling locked into situations or circumstances we believe we cannot control or get out of; freedom from persistent life patterns that keep us down, depressed, uninspired or any of the many manifestations of emotional or physical ill health.

Here it is……True Connection is only possible with this kind of Freedom. When we have inner freedom to choose what is authentically true for us, life becomes more Connected to what is real and full of life and vitality. We feel a deeper connection to ourselves first, to something greater or to life itself and then to others.

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“7 Keys to Connection”

How to Move Beyond the Physical and Emotional Trauma of a Disconnected Culture

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7 Keys Creation Story

As the child of an alcoholic, chain smoking mother and a workaholic father during a time period where mother’s natural instincts were superseded by male doctors, to the point that breast feeding was abandoned, I grew up in an environment where there was little to no consistent palpable connection.

The current field of psychology with its Attachment and Affect Regulation Theories labels this lack of “attunement” to an infant and young child, along with other ongoing adverse child hood experiences as “Developmental Trauma”.

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Deeply Transformational One on One Work

Create Optimal Physical and Emotional Health with Powerful Emotional Therapies, Life Style Counseling or Soul Gift Life Coaching

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7 Keys to Connection: Joy’s New Book and more

Our culture is rampant with Depression, Anxiety, Addictive Behaviors and Chronic Health Issues. All symptoms of an inherent sense of Disconnection.

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Workshops and Participatory Sing, Dance or Drum Events

Joy offers powerful life transforming workshops integrating the 7 Keys. Also, creatively expressive playshops that enhance creativity, self esteem, vitality and joy!!

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Discover Your Inner Truth, Creative Self and The Courage to Let It Out

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Move Beyond Depression, Anxiety, Shame and Addictive Behaviors to find Freedom, Peace, and Purpose

Dr. Freeman’s research and life long journey to self-healing have dramatically shifted her own life and the many lives she has touched. She teaches the essential actions to move beyond a dysfunctional childhood, our disconnected culture and even core shame.

Find Peace from new found Connections with Life, Self and Others

Connection with Nature - One of the 7 Keys

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