7 Keys to Connection and Life Transformation Workshops

How to Make Meaningful, Long Lasting Quantum Shifts

Learn and Experience:

  • Self Mastery
  • Transforming Shame
  • Tools for ongoing Change and Growth
  • Moving beyond Inhibition and Self-Judgment
  • Ability to Speak out, Step out and Take Risks
  • Root Causes of Addictions, Depression, Anxiety and How to Shift

And so much more!

Participants will learn and experience how to integrate the 7 Keys discussed in Joy’s book into their lives. In the workshops deep shifts occur and tools will be gained to continue the process at home.

A 7 Keys class can be as short as a keynote for your organization, an evening talk or extend over a full day or an entire weekend. The longer the more experiential.

Offer a workshop in your area, ask to be notified when they occur in San Diego, or Start a 7 Keys WorkBook Group with your friends!

The 7 Keys

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This starts by becoming aware of, allowing the existence of, and then honoring our emotions; also called Emotional Literacy

By being willing to let yourself feel and explore old buried hurts and encrusted or frozen emotions, by acknowledging, feeling and accepting them, it allows your current feelings and subtle intuitive senses to become fully available to you. When you pay attention to and honor what they are telling you, by following through on what you come to know is true for you, this builds and opens the lines of communications within.

With this you more clearly know what is right for you and not. Your internal guidance system becomes stronger as to what you want to move towards and what you what to discard or move away from. The more you listen and honor, the more clearly and surely you are able to hear. This knowing and honoring of your Inner Self is an essential ingredient to some of the later keys.

This involves letting go of negative judgments—both internal and verbally expressed, as well as attention on the opinions of others. Through group share we discuss all the ways and styles that the inner critic can operate. Participants learn how to develop

The Witness and thus can be more acutely aware of when the critic is operating and know how to respond when it does.

In developing our inner Witness we can then begin to separate our core Self from other less positive voices. Participants learn to separate their Soul Centered Self from their other internal Voices or parts.

This key brings forth the practical aspects of how to make loving ourselves more than a nice idea. It is about moving from Critic to Loving Presence; from Judgment to Compassion & Acceptance. There are many understandings, practices and steps that one can engage in to accomplish this, which we will discuss, develop and experience.

One is the idea of being given the task of caring for an outer child or dog who has been abused. Participants come up with ideas of how to do this and then make the obvious translation to being able to do this for their own inner child. The extra care, kindness, gentleness and listening that would obviously be given to someone outside of themselves can be given to ourselves, especially when in the healing phases of working with our inner wounded self.

We also come to learn about Shame . Only recently has it been discovered that this very painful emotion lives hidden under most others. Also, now getting it’s due is the concept of Development Trauma , which comes from not only obviously traumatic, unsafe or painful child hood experiences but from neglect, or lack of connection and attunement, especially at very young ages. The 7 Keys work involves many ways to transform this core sense of unloveable, not enough or other mistaken identities.

In the 7 Keys system, Surrender involves 2 distinct yet integrated components: 1) Learning to let go of control – of both others and life and becoming comfortable with and hence 2) Trusting the Unknown. This key is the most spiritual aspect of this path. It sits here in the middle of the Keys because it cannot be accomplished without some degree of mastery of Key 1, 2 & 3 and is supported by keys 5 & 6 and makes possible key 7.

Gaining mastery of this key is a main component to the falling away of feelings of stress, struggle and fear. It also opens the ability to be in the moment and ultimately feeling more peace and joy. All that is new and creative is born out of the unknown so one must learn this for a life that fits the truth of who we are.

The remaining keys move one ever more quickly towards those goals.

The indigenous or nature based cultures know a secret. For centuries they have integrated into their daily life, movement/dance, voice/song, drumming, art and other creatively expressive activities. They understood how it balances the challenges of daily living, opens the mind to creative problem solving, fosters connections, as well as brings health to the body and aliveness to the soul.

What fits into this category are activities that access your right brain and that also fit three distinguishing features . 1) You need to be participating, (rather than just watching); 2) You are doing it for the shear enjoyment of it – not for some other goal (though some goals may be being accomplished) 3) You are totally immersed in the moment in it (and often lose track of time).

These activities feed and strengthen your Soul Self (aka Soul Centered Self). They also lighten the journey, bring joy and even speed the transformation process. At a certain stage of working with 7 Keys a person will naturally start wanting to engage in some creative act if they are not already. In the workshop we share ideas and discuss many examples beyond the ones mentioned above. We also engage in a few involving music, art and or dance.

We discuss many options for healthy Soul enhancing practices. Ultimately it is about committing to healthy practices chosen by each individual. Optimally they will not be over ambitious – that is, where the benefits outweigh the efforts. Such as, walking in lovely places (nature trails, beach or park) biking, time spent just being in nature , breathing exercises, meditation, yoga of a proper level of strenuousness; changes in eating habits – eliminating those items one by one, that are commonly known to be detrimental to health; dropping life habits discovered from witnessing or in counseling like over caretaking; or committing to specific Soul Craft practices chosen in Key 5.

It is this commitment to Practices, of the persons choosing (and they can change over time), that truly sets the ground for deep transformative change. Each person will choose and make some commitments in creatively expressive ways, and thereby more deeply anchoring their statement of commitment.

The final outcome of integrating these keys is that you end up developing a relationship of Trust with Self. This creates a foundation of strength, that gives you the courage to take the Risk’s necessary to go for the changes the inner self tells you to make.

That could be speaking a truth to someone, making a major shift in how you live your life, letting something or someone go, going for a new form of creative expression, or taking a major leap of faith to go for a new lively hood or passion. A person will not be able to take the risks necessary if they don’t have the inner strength and relationship of trust with self and spirit. Regular engagement in these 7 Keys WILL build that trust and foundation of strength.

Creating Stability, Vitality and Magical Manifesting

Once one has opened the internal lines of communication by: being willing to feel their feelings and emotions, and having honored them by taking actions motivated by them; have developed the witness enough to stand up to and transformed the critical voice; have extended love and acceptance to all parts of oneself in place of harsh judgment; have let go of the need to control by trusting the flow of life and allowing others to be who they are or do what they do even when it displeases; have made a priority of spending time in nature or engaging in a right brain creative endeavor on a more regular basis; and have chosen practices to commit to……. once a person has fully engaged in this process, in almost any order, something magical begins to happen.

The magic of more ease, inner peace, and ultimately the ability to take risks—the risks necessary to bring about real life changes. When committed to this path of the 7 Keys, you are magically transported to a new life; one that is healthier, more authentic, richer, more meaningful, vital and passionate and where you can give of the gifts you were meant to share. This is possible for ANYONE who commits themselves to the process.

The 7 Keys Workshops along with reading and actively participating with the book has the capacity to make Quantum Shifts in your life!


If you can’t make it to a workshop try creating a 7 Keys WorkBook Group where together with some friends you both discuss the chapters and work with the exercises in book. Feel free to leave your number for Dr. Joy to call you to help give ideas for how to run the group if needed.

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