The general qualities of the Centered Soul Self are:

Calmness — even in the midst of stress or challenge

Confidence — having the ability to be self-assured (even during non-acceptance by others) for a choice or action made or for making a mistake or not accomplishing what you’re going for or not living up to an outside standard.

Curiosity — as related to others’ (and our own) behaviors rather than blame, judgment, criticism, or claiming victimhood

Compassion — seeing beneath surface expression of others (as well as ourselves) and feeling into and/or understanding the pain or fear that lies beneath

Courage — speaking your truth, especially if it goes against the norm or a valued person’s opinions. It’s also the ability to take risks to go for new things, standup for injustices, and “be” in the unknown. It’s a willingness to experience your own vulnerabilities and feelings as well as share awareness and remorse for behaviors of your extreme parts especially when others are affected (as occurs in the 12-Step program in making amends).

Clarity — being able to see the truth behind your and others’ actions and stay connected to that rather than react from a part. It is also knowing your truth and what your heart really wants.

Connectedness — having the ability to feel safe to be yourself and connect with others authentically, consciously, and healthfully. It’s also the ability to feel connected to life, nature or Spirit, a sense of a higher power.

Creativity — enjoying the freedom to express your creativity without the burden of self judgment or shame for imperfections or inexperience

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