Healing Developmental Trauma

from Chapter 1 of 7 Keys to Connection:
Roots of Addiction and Pain—

Cultural and Personal Trauma

The Great Disconnect

On an individual level, the Great Disconnect means feeling disconnected from our deeper selves, our emotions, and intuitions—our subtle senses. And with this, a lack of inner peace or sense of purpose. It’s also feeling disconnected from nature and what’s harmonious to the soul. It’s a loss of relationship with the heavens above and the earth below—missing a sense of the order of things, even feeling all alone in the world, floating, not linked to anything real.

What prevails is a lack of confidence or inability to trust that your core self is valued, worthy, or loved and that your simple beingness is enough. This creates difficulty in creating harmonious and authentic relations to others, be they family, friends or primary relationships. Overall, there’s little or no deep sense of safety, intimacy or true belonging.

In my opinion, this Great Disconnect is at the root of the addictive and discontent culture in which we live.