Joy can Help you Free Yourself

To be the you, you always hoped or knew you could be

With deep listening and powerful skills via convenient telephone, Skype or Zoom consultations, Dr. Joy Freeman can help you unwind difficult life challenges and find clarity amidst confusion, then move towards meaningful life transitions.

In this work, you are not seen as a diagnosis – you are seen as a person who has developed accommodating parts or aspects to challenging life circumstances, yet with a Wise Soul Self at the center. With this it is possible to Mentor you to grow in spiritual and emotional ways. This puts the responsibility on You to learn how to do this. You will experience some key transformations, learn powerful concepts and gain key skills that enable you to continue forward movement on your own.
Rather than see a therapist for years, be ignited on your path.

Joy has a gentle and compassionate way of being and listening, which creates a feeling of safety that fosters deeper truths to emerge. She might also involve balancing dialogs with conflicting voices within oneself as well as voice, art, movement or other creative processes. She artfully blends leading edge modalities in the field of psycho-emotional and spiritual healing, with Shamanic energy work with a grounded knowledge of the physical and emotional workings of the body. Joy also, has a gift in working with teens and young adults.

Dr. Joy has been assisting others to be healthier and happier for over 35 years. She has developed powerful methods to help you move beyond inner limitations, previous programming, or challenging life experiences to be able to step out of the box – into a life of color, aliveness, joy, health, purpose and sense of connection.

Releasing the past – Clarity in the present –
Empowering the future

If you are:

  • In Life transition or in need of a major shift
  • Feeling stuck, uninspired and desire a new direction
  • Confused about different life options
  • Experiencing one of the four D’s:
    • Divorce, Disease, Dissolution (of job, career, relationship), Death (of a loved one)
  • Any kind of Soul Initiation (i.e. addiction, depression, spiritual emergency)

Therapeutic Life Counseling

This process is an integration of psycho-spiritual therapies and shamanic disciplines that release blocked energies from the past, to shift the present and empower the future. It could involve: going back in time to retrieve and revitalize lost or frozen aspects of yourself; accessing and shifting core beliefs that no longer serve; releasing the emotional glue that holds fears in place; reworking internal contracts; releasing extraneous energies that may be running your show; balancing the power of an internalized negative voice, or fully accepting previously disowned or unaccepted aspects of yourself. This creates a ground of trust and strength that gives you the courage to take the risks necessary to express your creative self, speak your truth and follow your callings.

Creating Stability and a Forward Moving Life with Cutting Edge Modern Modalities

Powerful Therapeutic modalities to resolve current issues and transform childhood wounding.

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