Freedom & Connection

Aren’t Freedom and Connection Mutually Exclusive?

No! The Ultimate Goal with this work is Freedom and Connection!

Freedom from what hooks us in emotionally; freedom from feeling locked into situations or circumstances we believe we cannot control or get out of; freedom from persistent life patterns that keep us down, depressed, uninspired or any of the many manifestations of emotional or physical ill health.

Here it is……True Connection is only possible with this kind of Freedom. When we have inner freedom to choose what is authentically true for us, life becomes more Connected to what is real and full of life and vitality. We feel a deeper connection to ourselves first, to something greater or to life itself and then to others.

When we don’t have that freedom, we feel lost – adrift in a sea – often of loneliness even amidst others, and at very least disconnected in general – often afraid of what will happen next, the unknown, or for our survival.

When we gain true freedom, from the inner work we do and the connection it creates we start to feel more grounded and at the same time more alive. Even if sometimes we experience emotions we don’t love, the freedom to not have to avoid any aspect of life that flows through us creates a greater connection to life and ultimately manifests more JOY!

This inner freedom, which has us able to accept what life presents, fosters more truth and intimacy in our Relationships. Though this might not always have us getting just what we want within them, this opens the way for all our relations to be become more connected, more joyful, passionate and fulfilling.

So yes as opposite as they sound, true Freedom and Connection go hand in hand.

To get a jump start on creating this link between Freedom and Connection, consider the book 7 Keys to Connection, Transformational One on One work with Joy, or Scheduling a Workshop in your area.

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