From one of Dr. Joys earlier creations as a Chiropractor and under an earlier alias as Dr. Linda Joy Nelson comes her highly effective series of back strengthening and pain relieving Videos – now as down loadable video files. Thousands had been sold to chiropractors all over the country. And are still available to you now!

Read testimonials and reviews below.

Home care videos that provide gentle safe exercise to both relieve pain and strengthen and stretch the supporting structures of the spine. These videos consist of the best back care exercises from both orthopedic medicine and yoga. Many of the exercises have been specifically altered and adapted to make them safer and more effective for those suffering conditions of the spine. Dr. Joy L. Freeman – chiropractor (formerly Nelson) simply and gently teaches you precise movements — to help you achieve the maximum results with the least amount of effort. This home care program is the safest available and it works no matter what your age or level of physical activity.

Simple and effective at-home back and neck care program that

  • Eliminates Back & Neck Pain
  • Strengthens & Tones Weak Back Muscles
  • Increases Flexibility of Joints
  • Improves Poor Posture
  • Helps Speed Injury Recovery Time
  • Relieves Stress & Boosts Energy

For the history of Back-care-cise that has been helping Chiropractors and their patients since 1987 click here:

The history of Back-care-cise

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Videos A, B & C Progressing Series (no repeating exercises)

Video AWhen you are in pain, recovering or have little exercise experience. Video B For increased strengthening and stretching. More emphasis on the upper back than Tape A while also working the lower spine. Video C Total body stretch and tone once you have mastered tapes A and B Each $24.95 or all three for $64.95 Now Available as Downloadable WMV files

Order Full Spine A, B, C or
Area Specific: Neck & Upper Back or
Shoulder Wrist and Elbow

Neck & Upper Back

First of its kind, a video of exercises specific for neck and upper back conditions. Designed both to relieve pain and reduce tension and stress of the upper body. Perfect for problems from long hours sitting at the computer, acute pain or repetitive use injuries of the upper back or neck. $24.5

Shoulder, Wrist and Elbow Rehabilitation

This unique video helps relieve pain, increase flexibility, and strengthen your shoulder, wrist or elbow by using the three primary components of rehabilitative exercises — stretching; gentle strengthening (i.e., isometrics); and resistance (strength) training. The Shoulder Video is actually two videos in one, Condition A, for more acute or recent pain, and Condition B, for less intense ongoing discomfort. Each of these contain gentle easy to perform exercises that safely guide you towards increasing joint comfort and mobility. $29.95

What the professionals have to say about Back-care-cise™

“The tapes are absolutely dynamite! They are an excellent adjunct to spinal care, They also alleviate the daily accumulations of physical and emotional stress that many of my patients experience. My wife even uses the neck tape regularly and she loves it.”– Bruce Hone, D.C. Seattle, Washington

I feel the exercises on the Back-care-cise™ tapes go way beyond what anyone can learn in a handout. Every patient that we put on Back-care-cise ™ has had nothing but good success. They are enjoying the tapes too. They also really help in terms of exercise follow through. I’m a racquetball player, and in doing the tapes myself, I feel it protects my back against common strains and injuries.”– Frank Clayton, D.C.

“Your back-care-cise program is one of the most exciting and comprehensive, chiropractically sound exercise programs I have ever experienced.  It fills the need I have always perceived in practice…Your tapes also provide the complete instructions and check points for doing the exercises correctly.  The true unique factor of Back-care-case is the tracking program… It also gives the practitioners an intelligent and specific way to interact with the patient about his/her progress.  Thank you for creating a program that benefits patient and practitioner! “-Dr. Pat Gayman
Head of Chiropractic Sciences Life Chiropractic College West

Dear Dr. Nelson,“Since Las Vegas I have completed tape A and I’m currently working on tape B (about 10 days).  My hamstrings have gone from 40′ to about 65′.  My left hip, which caused intense pain with Fabere Patricks test is about 50% looser.  I’m beginning to find it comfortable to sit ‘Indian style” for the first time since I was a little kid, and my energy level is increasing…I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you and your Back-care-cise.  It’s making a difference in my life!”-Stephen Tranter D.C.

I am grateful to Dr. Nelson for providing professionally done exercise tapes, which have benefited my office and patients more than anything new I have tried in the past ten years. The patients who use the tapes recover faster, maintain correction and are much less vulnerable to reinjury.  These same patients are also much happier as they are taking responsibility for their own recovery.”-Sara Engstrom D.C.

“We’ve been using them now about a year and a half and we’ve had great response from patients.  We used another video for years with fairly good success but when we found Dr. Nelson’s video the patient compliance dramatically improved.  We’ve  especially appreciated the neck and upper back video.  I’ve been in practice for 12 or 13 years and had never been able to find effective exercise for trapezius and scapula muscles; there wasn’t anything out there until Dr. Nelson came along.  I’ve given out at least 100 tapes and have consistently had a great response.  I’ve been very encouraged because after 30 days so many of the patients are continuing to do the exercises.  We’re getting more exercise out of them than we ever have…I like this because it basically says, we’re going to be working on this together.”-Gary Mumaugh, D.C. Owatonna, Minnesota

“After ten years in private practice and trying virtually everything to get the patients to exercise, I have finally found something that really works…with Dr. Nelson’s program our practice has seen marked improvements in both patient retention and exercise compliance.  Our patients have benefited greatly by making exercise a part of their treatment and maintenance programs.” Brian Porteous D.C.

“Combined with chiropractic care, stretching has probably done as much for me personally as any other approach.  I feel combining chiropractic and stretching may have a whole new future.  Having used Dr. Nelson’s tapes I believe that they are effective in encouraging sedentary passive care patients to become involved in an active wellness program.” Arlan Fuhr D.C. (creator of Activator Chiropractic technique)

“Ten years ago, a skiing accident made my physically active life very uncomfortable.  Now, thanks to regular practice in the Back-care-cise program I can again ski and enjoy my daily activities.”-Mrs. Patrick Hasburgh Professional Skier/Mother

“Patients have told me they experience more benefit to their adjustment and that is makes them last longer.  I’ve been scanning products out there for quite a while, and the Back-Care-Cise tapes are the one product I’ve found that have everything I want to provide my patients with in one source.  It gives them something to do at home that enhances their overall treatment.  The patients are enthusiastic about them because they don’t feel they’re relying solely on my care with the tapes they have more influences on their own health.  Our goal is to get patients involved in their own care, and Back-care-cise helps us to achieve that goal.”_Greg Zitlaw, D.C.

Chico, California “I have been using Dr. Nelson’s program for the last five months.  I can enthusiastically recommend the use of the Back-care-Cise program.  It gives patients the necessary individual instructions that would take in their recovery.”-Linda Powers D.C.

Dear Dr. Nelson,“As a movement/dance educator prior to becoming a Chiropractor, I am both more open to the need and effects of proper rehabilitative exercises and more critical of the quality and directions that many such programs present.
Your programs are SPECIFIC, CLEAR, AND DIRECT. Equally important to any exercise/stretch program is the sequence of activity and the effective development of major muscle groups which lead to a feeling of accomplishment by the participant.   I am very comfortable in prescribing your programs. Each tape is complete in itself and contiguous with the other two tapes.  Involving my support staff has had two effects.  First, they have enjoyed learning and doing the program for themselves, an secondly, they have a better understanding of what the patient needs to do and can support the importance of keeping them on the prescribed routine. Thank you for your dedication in adding another vital dimension to the concept of the total health of the individual.”-Carol LeBlanc, D.C.