7 Keys to Connection: How to Move Beyond the Physical and Emotional Trauma of a Disconnected Culture

Learn to heal the wounds of a disconnected life and culture. Be guided to find freedom from persistent patterns of health, emotions and even addictions. Gain a deep understanding of yourself, your motivations, and even your conflicting emotions. Many tools and resources lead to true self love and compassion that can transform the toughest of wounds.

Express yourself: Discover Your Inner Truth, Creative Self and the Courage to Let It Out

This book is a gift from Dr. Joy. It makes a great starting point before you get into Joy’s latest work of the 7 Keys, that then adds so many powerful understandings and practices. It comes in a free pdf version or from Kindle for 99c

Let It Shine and Soul Calling Music CDs

The Lyrics on these CDs were written by Joy and go along with the themes in her books. The first one – Let It Shine, was produced by a successful Motown and Mojazz artist, Fulton Tashombe, who also sings, along with a number of different vocalists from the R&B and Jazz genres.

Her second CD came about when she felt ready to sing her own songs. With new songs and changes to some of the previous songs to accommodate her range and style, she sings these more simplified songs with the addition of harmonies from the very talented vocalist Kat Whitestar.

Free and Connected Blog

Express thoughts and engage in conversation about any of the subjects this site is about: personal healing, developmental trauma, depression, addictions, perhaps what has worked for you in your transformation process and on and on. Let’s try to keep it positive and supportive of others growth and journey toward their health and wholeness.

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