Dr. Joy’s Work

Dr. Joy’s Integrative Therapies and Mentoring to Recover your Soul Essence 


Dr. Joy Freeman, Professional Change Agent, can guide you in the changes your soul is longing for. With over 35 years of in-depth immersion into the world of deeper causal factors of suffering, Joy now specializes in Developmental Trauma and Shame informed psycho-emotional therapies for powerful lasting change. This is integrated with a more Shamanic approach that includes the energetic and imaginal realms.

“Another difference in the work is that I approach it from a mentoring aspect. Not only in having you experience deep transformation in a session, but in teaching you what you need to know, understand and fully integrate to continue the healing work on your own.

You are seen as well and whole with errors in programming, along with missing or lost pieces of soul, that once retrieved gives a willing student the optimal ability to transform oneself and recover their full soul essence.

In most circumstances it only requires 12 sessions (and sometimes less) to get you fully rolling along on your own way to a more joyful and connected life.  There is one common denominator to all the things that people say, which is that they feel so much lighter!

To Find out if you qualify for my program of 12 sessions (or less) write
to me at:  joy@7keystoconnection.com 


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Where you can lean more to find out if you resonate with Joy’s work for transforming yourself out of behavioral addictions, depression, anxiety or other life challenges that cover your Soul Essence.

Healing and Spiritual Mentorship