Change – The Magic & Power of the Unknown

What is it about change that has us so afraid? Change – with its accompanying fear of the unknown, is the ultimate oxymoron. We want change – to get us out of situations or for life to be better….Yet…when change arrives, we resist it.

Change often does not arrive in packages we want…..Yet….in order for things to up-level they have to rearrange, fall apart, or what ever mode it takes for the old to give way to the new.

It’s Chaos Theory from quantum physics in action – things have to disrupt before they can be re-integrated at a new more sophisticated level.

This is physically demonstrated with sand on a plate, where a device creating a vibration in increasing frequency is placed under the plate. The sand forms geometric designs that break apart and reform into something new and more intricate and beautiful as the pitch of the tone – that is, the frequency/vibration is raised.

The inspiring thing about this, as it applies to life – and is demonstrated here…. Though raising our vibration may cause chaos to rein at first, ultimately it causes our life to up-level, that is, to become organized at a higher level. Just as the designs below become more detailed and elegant at each increasing level.

To watch the process yourself

The video does not show the complete break apart process, though you can see them less perfectly formed as they are in process of shifting. The new improved versions of each occur only after each existing level breaks apart first… Life is just like that!!

If you are not doing the work of raising your vibration, life can go from chaos to chaos, where only the details of the chaos looks different, but never really settles into something more beautiful or wonderful.

If we do the work to raise our vibration but we resist the breaking apart and the unknown that accompanies it, it takes much longer, if ever, for the beautiful new patterns of life to emerge.

Bottomline: Allow the unknown and the change that is trying to come with it, when it arrives. Consciously step into it – for the Unknown is your Friend!

Bottomline: Allow the unknown and the change that is trying to come with it, when it arrives. Consciously step into it – for the Unknown is your Friend!

Yes I said that! The magic of the moment, of creation, of aliveness exists in the unknown… its ever changing, possibly chaotic state that we so want to stop – skip over or completely avoid.
Just like property renovation – there is no up leveling and expansion with out a little mess. LOL

Good News! Learning, working with and practicing the 7 Keys creates the internal ground of safety that makes it possible to stand firm as the ground beneath begins to shake.

It is the Power in the Shaking, this temporary instability, that allows life’s miracles and magic to occur.

Your willingness and openness to go for the ride when it just happens or you’ve called it upon you when you have prayed for change, is what will allow the changes you ultimately DO want to occur.

Read the 7 Keys to Connection – for it is the authentic connection you will gain to yourself, to life, and spirit that will help you ride the waves of the storms of change.

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